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Software architect, CTO, consultant, author, editor, and industry/web standards expert that still enjoys writing code.
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John Evdemon

Rich Dad Poor Dad Audiobook

1 min read

0:00:00 Introduction Rich Dad, poor Dad

0:15:55 Chapter 1 The Rich Don't Work for Money

1:29:01 Chapter 2 Why Teach Financial Literacy

2:10:14 Chapter 3 Mind Your Own Business

2:26:08 Chapter 4 The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

2:50:07 Chapter 5 The Rich Invent Money

3:40:17 Chapter 6 Work to Learn, Don’t Work for Money

4:11:51 Chapter 7 Overcoming Obstacles

4:50:32 Chapter 8 Getting Started

5:41:02 Chapter 9 Still Want More? Here are Some To Do’s


John Evdemon

Stop running Docker on dev machines and start building images directly in Azure Container Registry. Here's how:

John Evdemon

Braid is a set of extensions for state synchronization over HTTP. Nice to see this happening - long overdue.

John Evdemon

I don't understand the employee activist - if you disagree with your employer's behavior you should go elsewhere.

John Evdemon

Some of the endorsing companies are surprising, especially given Principle #5 (respect and protect privacy)