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Software architect, CTO, consultant, author, editor, and industry/web standards expert that still enjoys writing code.
Opinions are mine alone.
Amor fati.

John Evdemon

"the US’s prioritization of offense over defense makes us less safe"

John Evdemon

Rich Dad Poor Dad Audiobook

1 min read

0:00:00 Introduction Rich Dad, poor Dad

0:15:55 Chapter 1 The Rich Don't Work for Money

1:29:01 Chapter 2 Why Teach Financial Literacy

2:10:14 Chapter 3 Mind Your Own Business

2:26:08 Chapter 4 The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

2:50:07 Chapter 5 The Rich Invent Money

3:40:17 Chapter 6 Work to Learn, Don’t Work for Money

4:11:51 Chapter 7 Overcoming Obstacles

4:50:32 Chapter 8 Getting Started

5:41:02 Chapter 9 Still Want More? Here are Some To Do’s


John Evdemon

Stop running Docker on dev machines and start building images directly in Azure Container Registry. Here's how:

John Evdemon

Braid is a set of extensions for state synchronization over HTTP. Nice to see this happening - long overdue.

John Evdemon

I don't understand the employee activist - if you disagree with your employer's behavior you should go elsewhere.